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Australian Made Natural Soaps

Soap Queen has developed a range of Soap Bars, Body Butters, Liquid Soaps and Dog Soap. They are natural products that have no SLS, use no animal fats and no petro chemicals.

Soap Queen was the brain child of Sharon Ball (Soapie) who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 1994. After she was diagnosed she began looking into why people get MS. One thought was that it could be from the various commercial beauty products people use on their skin. As Sharon looked into this she found that so many of them used Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Animal fats, Petro chemicals and a multitude of other additives which in general are bad for your skin. Because of this research, she began looking for Natural body products and it was not an easy task to find them... and hence began the Soap Queen idea.

Sharon passed away in October 2012. She is fondly remembered and sadly missed.

Sharon was a great ambassador for natural products and for Soap Queen. Soap Queen is proudly manufactured in Australia using the highest quality ingredients.

Soap Queen soap's provide a generous lather and leave your skin feeling soft and silky. The soaps are all based on vegetable glycerin and natural ingredients. There are so many so-called natural soaps on the market place but when you analyse the label your will discover this is not so.

Soap Queen products suit both male and female offering a range to satisfy all tastes.  Often the female of the house purchases the products and common comments that come from the bathroom are "I love this soap - where did you buy that?"  or "I am going on a business trip which soap can I pack to take with me?"  Once the body butters are in the home they start to go down due the men wanting the feel of these luxurious creams on their own skin!

Choosing body products is simply about making a conscious effort to educate yourself about toxic effects physically and environmentally.
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